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Aubree Keys

In case you're interested, the "Sweets on South" shop in the South Melbourne Market has American marshmallows. We used them for S'mores this past weekend while camping, and they are spot on. They even have the jumbo ones. Happy Thanksgiving!

Christie Wilkin

Thanks for the information on another place to find American marshmallows! I may just have to check it out tomorrow.

Lisa Db3

Oddly enough, while we were in Melbourne one of the things we experienced that made me think of home the most was your Thanksgiving dinner. Even though it was my first American Thanksgiving, experiencing it with your family and church brought me as close to Canada as I could have been. It was a great experience surrounding my favourite North American holiday that I won't soon forget. Thanks so much for that. Have a Happy Happy Thanksgiving :)


Thanks for that comment Lisa! That day (http://wilkincr.typepad.com/blog/2011/11/an-american-thanksgiving-in-oz.html) is quite possibly my favorite that I have spent in Melbourne thus far, and I am glad you were able to share it with us.


Hi friend! I loved, loved, loved this post. Katie's pillow is perfectly wonderful, she did such a great job on that. And the button.
Sophie's pie magnet looks glossy and good enough to eat.
Apples. Yes, they bring a tear to my eye. I grew up on old farm land and we had old apple trees up the road. I used to take a brown paper bag and fill it up with those apples; there is nothing like them in the stores, sweet, tart, and crispy and wild tasting. Such fun to climb the trees to pick them! And trying to find the biggest ones!
My Grandma's apple pie recipe is one that always makes me feel homesick. It's SO good. I plan on sharing the recipe on my blog soon.

As for stuffing, we have a recipe that is quite simple. Tear a loaf or two of white bread into small pieces until you have a big bowlful (BIG), pour melted butter over top in which you have sauted onions and celery (no browning). Add plenty of salt and poultry seasoning to taste.

I miss you and think of you often.

Christie Wilkin

Thanks Shanda for the stuffing recipe. I look forward to your apple pie recipe! I ended up making Danish Apple Squares, and they were a big hit, but I need to try an actual pie next time I think.

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