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The rocks are beautiful and I love the koalas. How in the world did you get that photo of the ant?!I don't care for the ant but the photography is fantastic!
I'd like to learn more about the caves. That's a really cool d=shot of the one that looks like a ballarina foot. Did you come up with that one on your own or was there like one of those plaques that say - Great photo shot of a stalagmite that looks like a ballerina's slipper!

Christie Wilkin

Thanks Suzanne! I don't know how I managed to capture the ant. He must have stopped for a second or two. I wish I had been able to use my macro lens for it.
And no, I didn't notice the ballerina foot on my own. Our nature guide pointed it out to us.


Such beautiful pictures, I love how that bird has it's wings out in that one.

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