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Marion McLaggan

Uncle Barry and I certainly enjoyed this blog!
We have so many warm memories of our time with you and the boomerang and didgeridoo pictures are a treasure! It will be awhile before playing the new instrument is on YouTube!!
Thanks Christie for this... we loved it!


Very interesting info on the boomerang!

Shanda Ives

Oh how wonderful! The boomerang looks dangerous, though. I would be afraid of it coming back and hitting me in the face!
Glad your Uncle Barry has found some good souveniers to take back home to Canada!


i like your blog it give a information about how to use boomerang.


Hello, I would like to purchase some bendy natural hardwood boomerangs and I like the one pictured on your site. Do you wholesale? I have an Aboriginal art gallery in Sydney Ochre Fine Arts Gallery.
THank you,

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