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What an adventure Sophie! You did a great job telling the story! I remember when you got lost on Belle Isle here in Richmond. That was my fault because I should have been watching you more closely. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Hannah's Mom


Cheryl DeGraaf commented on your post.
Cheryl wrote "Sophie, you did a great job of telling your story and acting wisely when you got lost! We're looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!"


Sophie, I'm so glad that you both handled the situation the way that you did! God answered your prayers and returned you safely. Praise the Lord!!!!


Oh how exciting, I'm only sitting here smiling because I am just so happy that the story ended nicely. You were taken back to your Mom. What kind police, I think they were very happy to get to reunite the families. Good job, Moms, in properly documenting (with photographs) this adventure. It will never be forgotten, I am sure!

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