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Gillian Gavarotto Brown

You are too hard on yourself.I constantly get it wrong...but life is meant to be a challenge!Thanks for saying so many sweet things although I will be inspecting your wardrobe to find those items you hid from me....G


Do you think she'll fly to the U.S. to help me out????? Since I had kids, I'm so out of the loop when it comes to fashion.

Christie, you look great! I love the new clothing!!!


Very inspiring, Christie. You are beautiful and so is your friend Gillian. What a gift she's given you in this motivation! I've never noticed your fashion challenges AT.ALL. but if she's shown you a better way to shop so it's not too much of a drudgery than that's awesome! I love your new clothes and the tips about scarves and boots.


I love this as you might imagine!!! You would look fabulous in a scarf and I think you need to buy some of those on your next outing! Wish I was there to spend the day shopping with you and meet your new friend. See you soon!

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