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I have teary eyes....from reading about your wonderful day and seeing your happy face. I'm so thankful that you were able to meet these new friends. Looks like a perfect outdoorsy day....the best of enjoying God's beautiful world, laughing w/family and friends, and playing in the snow.
I'm hoping that our computer gets fixed today. Rich leaves Monday and won't be back until Friday----he'll be on the west coast for a business trip.
The Queen Anne's lace are flowering everywhere here. I remember a couple years ago, taking a picture of Katie and Grace together and they were both holding a stem in their hands.

Amy Smith

Thank God for such a day of enjoying new friends and the majesty of his creation: the juxtaposition of splendid greenery and pastured animals beside this gorgeous snow-covered mountain. I am glad for your special day and being able to experience it with you vicariously. Have a blessed Lord's Day!

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