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Very interesting Christie!


These words seem so familiar to us as we reminisce over the visit of our Australian friends, Loris and Brian, who came to visit us a few years ago. I can just hear them saying the very same things - except that I can hardly understand a word they say due to their "accent"! It will be cute next tme we see the kids to hear their Aussie language.

Good post Christie.

OldSchool Geek

Hi Christie, I love reading your blog and seeing what you all think of our fair city :) Must admit though I've never used 'tasting', I've always used 'sample' and never had a problem so that's new to me too!

"postie" is another abbreviation you'll probably come across :)

"handball" is taken from footy (a handball is when one player passes the ball to another by hand).

OSG from the Rockpool

Jackie T

Wow! You have learned so much in such a short time. I have been with Australian hubby for 16 years and lived in Melbourne for more than 4 years (in two installments) and you explained some phrases that I have never figured out.

I will add, if you don't mind, two terms (which are not idiomatic, but rather practical) that I have fairly recently learned. A 'spanner' is what I would call a wrench, which makes what I call a monkey wrench just a wrench. And the small garden shears that I might use to clip flowers or rosebushes is called 'secatours".

Today I had a discussion with ds3 over whether he should wear his runners or his sneakers--of course we were talking about the same thing!

Thanks for your great blog!
Jackie T (from TRP)

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