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Suzanne Pannelle

WOW!! Almost heaven!
I love that you didn't let the outside of the building turn you away. What a great camoflage! Just think, if they fixed up the outside then they would have to charge more for the pizzas. :)


Next time you visit, ask them if they deliver to the U.S.LOL I agree with Suzanne that you didn't let the outside turn you away. I love when you find hidden gems like that!


WOW!!!!! That's some pizza ! I'm afraid I'm in with the three younger kids !
Sure glad someone told you about the roof-top !

What a wonderful , fun day .


Wow (mouth watering here!), that looks amazing! And where are their chain branches in the US? Are you taking in visitors...I wish that I could come visit and we could have lunch there! Thanks for putting in the time and effort for this blog. I'm really enjoying it!


Oh yum! Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. That pizza looks sooooooo good, Christie!

Crystal Keller

Ok, I want it on the next pizza run. Now that's the kind of places I've been longing to find. We'll have to do it w/o kids due to Jaden's allergies - but I'm not against finding a sitter and joining you and Ross for a date on the roof of a total dive. Let's do it!!!

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